Baton Rouge Flood Relief Efforts

While Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge is not traditionally a disaster recovery organization, the catastrophic floods of August 2016 and the extensive damage to our community made it clear that we must be a part of the recovery process.

The floods damaged 142,000 homes in South Louisiana, with a small percentage of these insured against flooding. Over the past few months our construction staff has gutted and cleaned almost 100 damaged homes with teams of volunteers, with priority given to the elderly, disabled and families with small children. We are now turning our focus to repairing and rebuilding 100 homes with our community in 2017.

We are blessed to be part of this community, which has come together to help friends, family, neighbors and even strangers during this disaster. Sadly, the need is still overwhelming. Competition for limited housing is forcing people further from their jobs and schools. Even with the tireless work of churches, organizations, non-profits and individuals, much work is left to be done.

We need your support to reach our goal of 100 rebuilds next year!

Donations can be made on our website and volunteers should contact HFHGBR is committed to helping stabilize neighborhoods by rebuilding with low-income homeowners, allowing them to stay in their neighborhoods rather than search for new housing further from their jobs, schools and community.

By assisting those displaced by this natural disaster, we can one day ensure that everyone in our community has a safe and decent place to live.