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May 21, 2020

Ensuring Financial Success with Kim Chapman from

Neighbors Federal Credit Union

“Working with Habitat allows me to play a role in helping people achieve their dream of homeownership and create a financial legacy for future generations.  My passion for providing financial educations is fueled each time I encounter someone who expresses how they have benefitted from the lessons and stories I have shared over the years.”

Kim Chapman, Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge (HFHGBR) is committed to building simple, decent homes for qualified, low-income families in our mission to eliminate poverty housing. Part of how we do this is by partnering with local organizations and community members to teach our partners and homeowners financial literacy.

Kimberly Chapman has been volunteering with HFHGBR since 2013. She is the Financial Literacy Coordinator at Neighbors Federal Credit Union. Kim is a passionate, fun, and energetic woman who gives so selflessly to others, including our Habitat Homeownership Partners. Twice a year, Kim clears 5 Tuesdays to come and teach Financial Literacy to eager ears, expanding on topics like credit scores, insurance, and the importance of building a savings account.

Kim is a busy lady, and she understands that our Partners have busy lives too. Most of our partners work a 40 hour work week, take care of their families, and still find time to come out every Saturday to help build their homes. Because of this, Kim ensures to make every class she teaches fun. She throws in jokes, homework, games, and even gift cards. Learning about finances becomes less daunting and easier with her help. It is with these classes that our Homeownership Partners learn to budget to pay down their debts, create a savings to cover closing costs on their homes, and to plan for monthly expenses going forward in their new Habitat Homes.

Kim’s passion for financial literacy is apparent in her work with HFHGBR. She provides an open door that allows low-income families to be more comfortable taking control of their finances and to create a better financial future for themselves. Our Family Services Department finds that our Habitat Partners and eventually, Habitat Homeowners reach out to Kim long after their financial literacy classes to seek her advice.

We are so thankful for Kim and her generous spirit she shares with all of us here at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Baton Rouge. She is truly helping us make a difference in the Baton Rouge community.

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